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For this assessment we use the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies' Career Tool. This assessment is NOT an instant download (almost all our other assessments / reports are). Once you purchase, we'll set you up with a unique link to take the assessment; normally you will receive the link within 48 hours max. This is the most robust career assessment available and the results will link directly to the Department of Labor's Occupational Network.


INCLUDED in the 6 Part Career Model REPORT:

  • Five-Factor Model (OCEAN)
  • Gardner's Multiple Intelligences (Eight Talents)
  • ACT World of Work Map
  • Holland Hexagon
  • Schein's Career Anchors
  • 25 ACT Work Attribute Preferences
  • Six Part Career Guide Summary
  • 26 ACT Job Families with Examples
  • Career Derailers



Our robust assessments take about 25 minutes to complete (online questions).

Each assessment will give render you a customized report that will help you cultivate a deeper understanding of your: Brain Wiring, Values, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviors.



Each of our Assessment Reports are generated focusing on 5 Major Systems of the Central Nervous System (neurophysiology):

DOPAMINERGIC - (Dopamine) Exploration, Change, & Openness

ATTENTION FOCUS - (Testosterone) Balance, Distraction Elimination, Goals, Focus

AUTONOMIC - (Cortisol, Sympathetic / Parasympathetic) Risk, Stress, Anxiety

SEROTONERGIC - (Serotonin) Harmony, Peace, Power

MOTORIC - (Afferent / Efferent) Connection, Stimulus, Sociability



You can enjoy your report or hire us for personalized 1-on-1 phone coaching (Video Conference and / or Phone). These reports can be used for employee profiling, hiring screening, team building, executive coaching, organizational psychology, and much more.



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