identity intelligence®

God created each of us fearfully, masterfully, and uniquely. Identity Intelligence™ is the understanding of one’s God-given innate talents, strengths, and natural energies -- as well as blind spots, limitations, and potential derailers. Being intelligent about who we are (our self identity and identity in Christ) and why God made us the way He did (our purpose and calling) is the first step to have a life filled with joy and contentment.

“The Call is the Answer”

This quote from Os  Guiness’ book “The Call” brings it into focus. Intelligence brings knowledge, but true wisdom and joy comes through being intelligent about what God’s will is — His call for us — His chosen path and purpose for our life. Wisdom comes from: 1) knowing who we are; 2) knowing who God is; 3) surrendering to our unique identity and following Him.

The goal at the center of everything we do at YOU. Only Better.™ is to help you discover your natural energies, talents, and strengths - your identity. The sooner you discover and identify your passion and purpose, the sooner your best future can begin to unfold! (YOU. Only Better.)

The YOU. Only Better.™ assessments and coaching will help you answer important questions such as:

  • How can I have emotional well-being and strong self-esteem?
  • What am I naturally gifted at?
  • Which university should I choose and what major?
  • How can I have better relationships?
  • How can I have a lifetime of wellness and satisfaction?
  • What industry would I really find passion and success in?
  • What careers are a good fit for me?
  • Many, many, other answers

We will help you focus your uniqueness in ways that will transform how you relate, interact, and communicate with yourself, others, and God.

Our robust, valid, and reliable online assessments provide the information you need to really understand how God wired you. Utilizing our identity intelligence™ inventory, combined with focused coaching, we can teach you how to use this data to achieve joy and success in dating, marriage, health, school, industry, and career.

The YOU. Only Better.™ assessments are specifically designed for both teens and young adults 12-22 years of age. But we also have the same coaching for adults. We use different assessments to ensure statistically strong validity and reliability.


In some of our coaching packages we will run a coachee through a number of assessments. We can then take the all of the results and paint a picture of things such as: spiritual gifts inventory, identity, style of communication, map of talents, passions assessment, etc — we then combine all of this to view a map of God’s unique signature written on that client. We refer to this map as the identity signature™.




Three Pillars - Three Meanings
TRINITY - First, we have three pillars which represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
WHOLE PERSON - Secondly, we focus our coaching on the whole person: 1.Head 2.Heart 3.Soul
THREE DIVISIONS - Thirdly, we have three divisions: YOUNGADULTcoaching, LEADERSHIPcoaching, and ROUNDTABLEcoaching


Each division icon is made up of three little people, which are actually 3 "i"s (iii). We use a battery of assessments which we call the iii, or identity intelligence™ inventory.