QUICKFix Workplace Big 5 Profile DiSC Generator

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WorkPlace Big 5 Profile Auto DiSC Generator


The Big Five Test has risen to become one of the greatest coaching tools ever conceived. The WorkPlace Big 5 test is an incredibly valid and reliable tool and the big five profile yields a report unlike any other.

But one of the most amazing and least known things about the big five is that it can yield dozens of other test results from other instruments. This tool will convert your big five testing results into the DiSC scores in seconds! Not only will this incredible tool give the DiSC results, but it even creates the DiSC graph for you! This tool is fun, and practical.

If you, your employee, or you client has already taken their big five test and their DiSC test, then you can quickly run this tool and instantly get the DiSC results to see if your/their DiSC results have changed (perhaps they took it years ago, perhaps they are in a different job or role now, etc).

This is a great tool to add in any leader's or coach's arsenal.


This is an instant download. This tool is a part of our Leadership Coaching University Courseware.