Are young adults losing faith? [VIDEO]

Are young adults losing faith? [VIDEO]

Posted by Scott Stockton on Feb 23 2014

Young adults struggle with identity intelligence more now than ever before. The cracks in the foundation of identity can create incredible stress, anxiousness, and difficulty – ant these identity struggles can often lead to young adults making bad decisions that can haunt them for the rest of their lives.

This video helps answer some vexing questions regarding young adults:

  • Is this commonly mentioned statement true?: “80% of Christian young adults lose their faith.”
  • Young adults on their own for the first time leave their family’s financial structure and their current relational systems; what are possible consequences?
  • Young adults often say, “I’m paying my way through college.” – is this true?
  • How can young adults avoid the pitfalls that are impacting so many Christian teens and twenty-somethings?


This video was filmed at the OLV Basilica in Buffalo, NY. There is a short slideshow following the talk. Some interesting facts about the building:

  • YEAR BUILT - 1926
  • FUNDING - Thousands donated pennies to build the Basilica
  • MARBLE - Majority of exterior is almost entirely pure white marble; though 40 different types of Italian marble can be found
  • DOME - At time of completion, only the U.S. Capitol building had a larger dome

Find more about the basilica here:,_New_York)

Author: Scott Stockton