CAREER Practical vs. Imaginative [VIDEO]

CAREER Practical vs. Imaginative [VIDEO]

Posted by Scott Stockton on Feb 22 2014

Young adults can help gain clarity in choosing a college major or a career by considering how practical they are vs. how imaginative. Someone with high creativity and thirst for change should be cautious if considering a career in a technical field or a repetitive job – as they become easily bored and discontent.

This video was filmed at the Ellicott Square Building in Buffalo, NY. There is a short slideshow following the talk. Some interesting facts about the building:

  • STYLE - Italian Renaissance
  • YEAR BUILT - 1896
  • ARCHITECT - D.H. Burnham & Co. (Flatiron Building in NYC)
  • MARBLE MOSAIC - 23 millions pieces of marble, imported from Italy, depicts sun symbols from civilizations around the world
  • LAND - The land was owned by Joseph Ellicott (designed the famous radial street design in Buffalo and Paris)
  • “HUGE” - Upon completion, it was the largest office building in the world (and remained so for the next 12 years)
  • SWASTIKAS - Many swastikas can be found in the building (pre-Hitler, the swastika was a symbol of peace and tranquility)
  • MOVIE THEATER - This building held the earliest known dedicated motion picture theater in the world
  • ROBERT REDFORD - In 1984 the building was used for hotel scenes in the movie The Natural
  • PHONES - First internal phone system in the world
  • BICYLCLES - One of the first buildings to have a bicycle ramp (most people rode bikes to work)
  • SHOWERS - Had showers installed for each office for the workers to freshen up after bike riding

Find more about the building here:

Author: Scott Stockton