Coaching Testimonials



Parent of teenager gives testimonial of coaching.

I just wanted to thank you for putting my son through the coaching. It was outstanding. As a parent, it helped me to see some things -- that I thought were a negative -- because he is different than me. He's 16 years old now and since we did the coaching about five months ago, I've seen a radical improvement in him and a lot of that has to do with me, and how I'm parenting differently as a result of this coaching. His confidence level has risen and my parenting style is different because I've been celebrating his unique differences. I can not stress how helpful this was to us. It's so helpful to understand why we do the things we do, especially in our teen years when we're made fun of for being different. But this helps young adults see how their differences are strengths. This is something that will continue to benefit my family on an ongoing basis. (Jim, parent of 16 yo male)


19yo Young Adult Testimonial for Coaching.

I LOVED this coaching! It’s one of the most influential things I’ve ever done to learn about myself and I think it’s going to help me not only in my college decisions to choose a major, but also when I leave college and get into the workforce I feel like I really know a lot about myself and what I can offer future employers. I will recommend this coaching to my friends because I want them to know things about themselves that they discover on their own [through identity intelligence] -- not things that I point out to them or their parents point out to them.  I feel this is really helpful; if everybody in the workplace, or in school, or in the family knew these things about themselves it would help everyone! I just feel like knowing things about yourself like this is going to make you such a more influential part of society in general. (Skylar, Age 19)


Parent of 14yo gives coaching testimonial.

My high school daughter learned why does what she does at school; I think that will really help her in college and to narrow down some career choices. Oh, it’s fascinating, you’re such a good instructor and coach and she enjoyed it immensely. It’s fun! I absolutely would recommend this to other people. I want to do it now! Knowing more about yourself can only help you in volunteering, in service at church, so not just the kids, anybody could benefit. I learned some new things about Emily. Some things I was surprised by… she has personality traits about her that are very different than me and my husband, so that was neat to see how unique she is. I loved that you showed my daughter how a characteristic that might be construed as negative really had positive connotations also. There’s a good side to each personality trait! (Laura, high school Parent)


16yo teen gives coaching testimonial.

I think this coaching was probably one of the most incredible learning discoveries for me, that I can just learn about myself (and my sister as well). I learned not to be critical toward others that have a different personality than me. Everyone has different strengths; they’re not all the same as me. This is SERIOUSLY going to help me with my family and in other relationships just in the fact that others’ differences can really be a good thing, but at the same time a challenging thing. This will help me in school and career decisions because I’ve discovered things I’m best at in work, in college, in life in general, what aspects I work best at so I can put those characteristics about me, to best use. I would recommend this to my friends so they can learn how other people may view them so they can discover for themselves who they are. We take for granted who we are and none of us really know completely about ourselves. Everyone should take advantage of this! (Sydney, Age 16)

14yo coaching testimonial

I enjoyed this experience very much. It was very interesting and fun. I learned that I am very motivated. I learned what I have natural energy for and what I should do because of that. I can use this information to choose a college and a good career. It can also help me to choose specific classes in high school. I would recommend this coaching to other students because it is interesting to learn about yourself. It is also beneficial for choosing a college and a job. This will help to decrease stress and help you to get through college and find a job faster. (Shawn, Age 14)


Testimonial from Leadership Professor (undergrad & grad).

“Scott, thanks again for helping me out Tuesday!  Your presentations were excellent. You were a big hit with my students, and you gave me a fresh burst of energy too!  I met again with the Entrepreneurial Leadership class yesterday. I think you were a great inspiration to them. The Difficult Confrontations presentation was perfect for the conflict management module. You were a real life saver this week. Whatever you need, let me know! (Nancy Lynch, Leadership Professor, Canisius College)

Urban Youth Director testimonial.

“Young adults would enjoy the exploration of self that this experience brings. This coaching would prove useful in helping young adults identify the positives and negatives of the various personality traits that they possess and understanding how these traits manifest themselves and may affect their success in a particular career. The information gained may be used for young adults to research possible career choices that would fit better with their personality traits. I would recommend this coaching to young adults to help them clarify their values, and to explore how those values will fit in their career choice. This coaching approach is extremely accurate in identifying personality characteristics and how they come into play in the work environment.  The better a person understands their personality and how they interact in different arenas, the more successful they will be.” (Chandra Banks, inner-city non-profit Director)

Testimonial from Character Council President.

"Scott offered the keynote presentation for our middle and high school youth-leadership seminars for The 6th Annual "Creating a Culture of Character” Conference. Thirty-six schools were represented on the two days. Scott's message, centered on the uniqueness of the individual, was encouraging and motivating for everyone.  Though the topic was a serious one, he connected easily with students as he helped them to discover some of their personal strengths and better understand their weaknesses in a manner that was neither threatening nor critical in nature.  His energetic engagement with the audience was refreshingly honest, humbly delivered, and genuinely sincere. Scott's ability to speak from a disposition of positivity is so valuable amongst the often overly-negative voices in a young person's life.  I consider Scott's YOU. Only Better. coaching to be uplifting and on-point for the youth of today as they prepare to be successful leaders of tomorrow!" (Suzanne McKenney, President, Character Council of Western New York) 


"Scott brings a sincerity to the table that I have found to be rare.  He values collaboration above the sale.  He does business with a spirit of open and honest partnership;  I believe this to be the basis for a quality result." (Scott Morris - VP of HR, University at Buffalo)

“YOU. Only Better.™’s coaches have given us unique and in-depth corporate presentations; the content and delivery are always First Class. I recommend their services to companies of any size because of their unique ability to read a room and deliver the right information in the right way. Since they have been working with my Marketing and Sales executives, there has been a significant infusion of energy in our company.” (Jack Vukelic – Managing Partner, Try-It Distributing – Lancaster, NY)

“Working with YOU. Only Better.™ has given our organization the training boost it needed. We’ve engaged them in both technical and soft skill training and they approach both with a high level of understanding and professionalism. Our employees have responded well to the energetic delivery style and I’ve had positive feedback from all levels.”  (Susan J Herold -  Sr. Vice President, Human Resources - Evans Bank - Hamburg, NY)

“Scott’s attention to detail and the high level of personalization has resulted in long-term positive effects on employee’s success and improvement in the organization’s bottom line. Scott is demanded consistently from the sales team, operations management, and throughout the organization. Evaluations have all shown that he exceeds expectations.” - Tammy Capone-Cummings (HR Training Manager - Meritain Health - Amherst, NY)

“I am thankful to have someone whose opinion and skills I have confidence in. The consulting Scott has provided for my staff has been invaluable to us as we seek to lead our congregation forward in its mission. Scott has a wealth of experience and knowledge coupled with a heart for people that will greatly benefit any organization. I could not give a higher professional recommendation than what I would give on his behalf.” (Rev. Dr. Keith A. Manry - US Air Force Chaplain; Senior Pastor - Akron First United Methodist Church)

“Scott proved to be a gifted communicator.  On numerous occasions I observed him speaking in front of both small and large groups with a level of skill which I find remarkable.  He is highly intelligent, a quick study, and intuitively understood the importance of what I needed, how I needed it, and when I needed it, and he successfully met each challenge. His knowledge is comprehensive and his ability to convey it makes him a gifted developer.” (John P. Durbin - Houghton College - PACE Director)

“Scott displays integrity and compassion in everything that he does. He has the ability to easily communicate and interact with a large gathering of people or a gathering of a lone soul in a private conversation. Scott is held in high esteem by those with whom he has built business and personal relationships. He gives honest and in-depth critical thought to each and every challenge he is presented.” (Earl Leatherland – FBI)

"Scott did a tremendous job speaking today, one of our long timers said he was the best speaker we've EVER had!  That's very high praise with the number of speakers we've had over the years." (Mimi Piciullio - Rotary Club - East Aurora, NY)

“Scott exemplifies the epitome of professionalism in their coaching, speaking, teaching, and development prowess. Selected as the key-note speaker for the Niagara Rises 2010 Career Fair and Expo, Scott addressed more than 85 key business owners and community leaders. He delivered a strong, supportive, professional message to our Niagara Falls business community. It is my recommendation that you consider Professional Advantage to be a catalyst in impacting your company's marketing delivery needs.” (Georgia A. Brannan - CEO, The Spirit of Niagara Tours)

"Wow, Scott…the feedback I’ve gotten on everything is just mind-bogglingly GREAT!!! You are an absolutely dynamic, vibrantly positive, and amazingly fluid speaker…your metaphorical concepts of the power of the water source we have were brilliant!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Can you tell I’m a happy girl?" (Andrea Todaro, President of Innovative Placements)

“Scott has an amazing ability to identify strengths, accomplishments, and key skill sets of individuals in a very brief amount of time.   Scott is able to turn around and introduce, share, and promote these individuals and their unique gift sets with people that may have known them for years and not known these qualities about them.   This allows Scott to honor, celebrate and acknowledge individuals in front of peers.  This skill is unmatched by anyone I’ve meet traveling the U.S.  Scott is an intellect of intellects and is able to speak intelligently on any subject.” (Byron Nakagawa, President, Nakagawa Group)

“I have known Scott for over 15 years, both professionally and personally. Among his many talents, Scott has the ability to not only grasp extremely technical information and complex concepts; he can then explain it to others in a way they can understand. As a communicator, trainer, coach, or pastor, his mastery of this skill has been particularly impressive. In addition, I consider Scott to be a very high capacity individual, capable of working alongside the brightest minds and the most respected professionals. Hard working and possessing a relentless pursuit of excellence and efficiency, any team or project would benefit from Scott's presence. In addition to his technical skills, Scott has an amazing, natural ability to connect with people. He garners trust easily and understands the finer points of humanity.” (Kyle Graham, Director of Student Engagement & Retention, Regent University)

"I hired Scott to do executive coaching and culture change, specifically in areas such as: managing conflict, staff morale, slander, lack of accountability & follow-through, and staff productivity. Scott was flexible – which resulted in an ever evolving strategy which was uniquely tailored and beneficial to our context. Team members began to appreciate and reframe each other’s value to each other and the organization. Scott empowered us to tap our collaborative potential and to do creative brainstorming. This resulted in a great deal of out-of-the-box strategy and tactics that will be beneficial to our team and to the organization as a whole. Scott served as an impartial facilitator who was able to introduce new perspective to the team, and discuss even the most sensitive topics with a positive approach. We achieved consensus in the team – we wanted to work together and become an effective and cohesive Leadership Team, moving to achieve common goals. My entire lead team felt the coaching was greatly beneficial, and asked to continue working with Scott. I thank him for the manner in which he helped our team. I have grown personally, and professionally." (Lynette Blacher, Senior Executive, Global Medical Research Firm)