Employee Profiling - Assessment Only

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iDENTITY iNTELLIGENCE® - Employee Profiling & Coaching


Employee Profiling:

  • Assessment Only - For HR Professionals and Hiring Managers who are already familiar with the instrument, and don't need a debrief.
  • Assessment + 30" Debrief - Debrief can be up to 1-hour in length. Debrief can be with the manager, the employee, or the manager and employee.
  • Assessment + 90" Debrief - Debrief can be up to 2-hours in length. Debrief can be with the manager, the employee, or the manager and employee.
  • Assessment - 6 Hours Coaching - Full 6-9 hour 1-on-1 coaching package. Debrief with employee only. Discount for group coaching available (2 or more employees coached together).

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Employee Screening Small Print (for screening new-hire candidates)

Pricing is the same as Profiling (above).

iDENITITY iNTELLIGENCE iNVENTORY is individually based and quantitative (in other words, it is not broad stroke categories like most tools such as the DiSC behavioral instrument). It is a very statistically sound (valid & reliable) instrument.

In other words, regarding segments, we would create competency requirement profiles for each segment (e.g. office workers, customer service reps, sales professionals, etc.) and then measure potential hires against those segmented pre-created profiles.

Now, there is one very important caveat in order to be within compliance standards. Once you decide to do this, you must make a commitment to always use the profile with future candidates moving forward. This does not necessarily mean that you would have to run a profile on every single prospective new hire...

1) EMPLOYEE SEGMENTS - We would NOT necessarily need to run the profiles on all prospective new hires, but only on those segments which we pre decide upon. In other words, if we decide to profile customer service reps, we would need to profile all CSRs in the future -- but wouldn't need to profile other segments of employees. Doing this makes the process definitive and consistent within a given employee segment; this keeps us within legal regulations.

2) ALL PROSPECTS IN A GIVEN SEGMENT? - Furthermore, we would not need to run a profile on every single new hire candidate. For example, you may interview 15 people for a CSR position, and then after the oral interview process, we may run the profile on the top three finalists. It doesn't matter if you decide to do it on all candidates or just the finalists; but we need to be consistent in our method, which ever you choose.

Furthermore, the method/process you create must be fully objective across the entire interview process -- not just the profiling instrument. As is good standard practice anyhow, you must be consistent and have matrices across the entire interviewing process. For example -- and minor changes are of course ok -- there should be a consistent and standard set of interview questions that are always used with every single prospective interviewee in a given segment. This should be done regardless of whether or not you choose to use an instrument to profile.

The goal is to be sure you can prove that you made consistent and logical sense of who you are assessing and who you are hiring.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - 30-Day Satisfaction Refund / No Risk INVESTMENT! - We are committed to delivering the best coaching experience possible; we will do all that we can to meet your expectations. - After completing the coaching -- if not TOTALLY SATISFIED we will give you a 100% REFUND (50% for 1-on-1). - Most programs say refunds are “no questions asked”. We’d really like to know why you are unhappy, but you don’t have to tell us to get a refund.