iii Report - (Adult 23+yo) SUMMARY

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SPECIAL NOTE: All reports are add-on products – they must be purchased with an identity intelligence® Coaching package.

This report is a valuable add-on to the identity intelligence inventory.

Clarifying what one wants in a job or from a career is the first, most essential step in any career planning process. This add-on applies one's neurophysiology to a variety of well-respected career planning models. It presents the results in an innovative format that gives valuable insight into a individual’s traits, abilities, and preferences, so they can choose a career path that builds on their strengths, or concentrate on challenges that might hold them back.

The models used include the ACT World-of-Work Map and Work Attribute Preference; John L. Holland’s Holland Hexagon; Edgar Schein’s Eight Career Anchors and Howard Gardner’s Eight Talents. The assessment taker is provided with a clear and multidimensional assessment of how their personality shapes their potential for enjoying or succeeding in different jobs.

The WorkPlace Career Guider analyzes an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the competencies required for a specific job.

- Analyzes best fits to career development
- Results are linked to the Department of Labor's Occupational Network
- Identifies a strategy to leverage the strengths and minimize the weakness for efficient job performance
- Visual representation of traits as they are aligned various occupations is easy to understand
- Provides specific occupational feedback

Your summary report has all of the data filled out for you, in one easy to read page.

These are some of the insights you can expect from your Summary Report:
- Snapshot: Get an easy to read snapshot of your entire neurophysiology.
- Entire Central Nervous System: Includes all your traits from your Autonomic, Motoric, Dopaminergic, Serotonergic, and Auto Focus System.
- Comparison: Makes it very easy to compare different major traits and subtraits. Also, if you know others who have gone through the coaching you can easily compare your reports to see where you are wired differently.
- Share with Others: This report is perfect for printing out copies and sharing with others (family, friends, boyfriend, etc) - just give them this one page and walk through it with them!
- Epiphanies: By "studying" this one page report and thinking deeply about the different traits, you can make some extraordinary discoveries

The Leader Report is not an assessment of your actual performance in a given leadership model, but rather the degree to which your personality traits would tend to provide natural energy for standard leadership models.

These are some of the insights you can expect from your Leader Report:
- Delegation: What are the four primary phases of the delegation process, and what is your natural energy to actualize each phase?
- Escalation Of Commitment: Where might you be prone to NOT abandon a decision that proved to be wrong?
- Sound Versus Speedy Decision Making: How does your organizational skills, discipline, and methodicalness affect good decision making?
- Furnham Management Study: Discover your natural energy in ten key indicators of management effectiveness: Drive to Achieve, Drive to Lead, Conceptual Ability, Intuition, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Social Adaptability, Optimism, Resilience, Interest in Business, & Internal Locus of Control
- Sea Leadership Model - Leadership occurs when someone takes responsibility for effecting a necessary change. Discover which areas you have natural energy to affect change.
- Situational Leadership - The proper leadership style depends on the situation -- with an emphasis on either the relationship or the technical nature of the task.
- In which leadership contexts will you tend to shine?

The Trait Capacities Report is a detailed, further stage of analysis in identity intelligence. It details the trait-based capacities, the trait energy, of individuals to perform specific work-related competencies in the following broad categories: Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Managing Others, Managing Processes, Professional Growth, Sales, Self Management and Work Mechanics.

There are a total of 54 identified competencies defined under these 8 categories, and the analysis is based on applying the results of the identity intelligence inventory to widely accepted models of the core capacities. The capacities are expressed in terms of quantitative scores, and also in descriptive paragraphs which clearly link the individual capacities revealed by the profile to the optimal traits for each competency.

Whether it’s for recruitment, training and development, succession planning, or for personal development and career planning, a clearer understanding of the specific capacities of self is a valuable tool. It can help individuals develop strengths and find compensating strategies for their weaknesses.

- Details the role that each sub-trait plays in the competency
- Details how one’s orientation towards a sub-trait impacts capacity for the competency
- Predicts how one’s traits impact performance
- Uses a familiar metaphor- the gas tank- to demonstrate one’s capacity
- Will resonate with the assessed individuals
- Provides insight to managers of how best to delegate tasks

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