Life Balance

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Life Balance

The importance in leading a balanced life couldn’t be overstated. We hear stories of executives who have sacrificed their family. We may know people who are committed to their family but have neglected their spiritual life at a great cost. But bringing balance to our lives is not compartmentalized like squares in a waffle; it’s more integrated, like a bowl of spaghetti. If one key area of our life is out of balance, it affects the other areas of our life.

But leading a life marked by balance is no easy task. Life coaching always begins with an assessment of values, vision, mission - and then on to goals. Few of us know what we truly value; fewer are actually living by their values. The first step to obtaining a healthy and balanced life is the process of self discovery surrounding balance. Creating a strategy for balancing our lives is easier once we recognize our trends, our strengths, and our blind spots.

The Ultimate Life Wheel - Balanced Living Tool

Living your ultimate, balanced life, will come only after an accurate assessment and a true understanding of where your life is currently out of balance. Our Ultimate Life Wheel will help you obtain your desired balance!

NOTE: This tool is built right into Microsoft Excel (you must have Excel or Open Office to use it). Open Office can be downloaded for free online.

The 6 F’s of Balance

This tool helps you rate yourself in 6 key life areas:

  • Faith (balanced relationship with God)
  • Family (relationship balance with family)
  • Fitness (relationship balance with self)
  • Finance (balancing personal finances)
  • Firm (work life balance)
  • Fun (friendships & leisure)

In order to keep track of your life’s balance, it should be fun, easy, and quick! This tool asks you 5 simple questions for each of the six life balance areas. Simply click the drop down box, choose your rating on a scale of 1-5. Watch as your life balance graphs generate instantly before your eyes!

We have used the fantastic questions created by Truth@Work ( Used with permission; thank you!

There is a tab for every month of the year. They are color coded so you can easily make out each quarter. Also, The Ultimate Lift Wheel Balance Tool automatically creates each month’s life wheel in matching colors. Notice the “Summary” tab. The summary tab auto generates another copy of all your monthly life wheels on a separate page. This allows you to track your life balance trends for an entire year. Simply create a copy of the entire file and have one file for each year. This way you can compare years and track your progress bringing balance to your life.

About The Ultimate Life Wheel: Pessimists & Optimists

Living a balanced life is challenging; this tool will help!

As you answer the Life Wheel questions, your personality will influence your answers. For example, an extremely optimistic person may rate themselves with all 4’s and 5’s. Another person who may be more self critical may rate themselves with 2’s and 3’s. Keep in mind, the life wheel looks at BALANCE, not score. It’s more about the shape of wheel. The “tire” should be round (indication your life is balanced). But you may notice a flat tire (the wheel looks flat on one or two sides). Over time if you notice, for example, your fitness area looks like a flat tire month after month, then you know where you need to put focus and energy!

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