Coaching - Managing Change

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iDENTITY iNTELLIGENCE® Professional Coaching

Managing Change

Approximately 1-in-125 people have the natural resiliency to naturally handle change in a positive manner. In other words, 124 out of 125 people struggle when the inevitable changing tides roll in. This has to do with many factors such as their ability to handle stress (Motoric Nervous System), their ability to handle change (Domaminergic System), their ability to handle stimulus (Autonomic Nervous System), and many other factors. But leadership, is all about change. In fact, change is one of the few absolutes in leadership. Changed systems, change in markets, changing people.

This coaching is designed to help leaders manage the inevitable changes and to also help leaders constructively empower others to deal with change.


We have worked with thousands of people around the world helping them to break through ceilings and reach their potential. We have worked with for-profits and non-profits and have extensive experience and success with life-coaching, leadership-coaching, executive-coaching, and management-coaching.

We have tremendous experience in coaching individuals and teams in the areas of leadership and management. In fact, we create corporate "Leadership Universities’ and "Coaching Universities" in companies and take small groups of managers and leaders through customized 2-year programs. We create our own coaching and leadership tools and curriculum. We can help you.


We have coaching, training, and courses that are not listed neither on the website nor in our catalog. Please contact us at

About Leadership Coaching

All of the leadership coaching packages include the following:
- One or Two engagements depending on client’s needs
- Two hours of coaching (via phone or video)
- Robust tools & curriculum
- Recommended Resources

This coaching does not include assessments (e.g. Myers-Briggs, WorkPlace Big 5 Profile, Thomas-Kilman Conflict, xSAIL Transformation, DiSC, 360’s, etc). We do however have these and many other assessments available for purchase.

For other types of coaching (e.g. Life-Coaching, Career-Coaching, Stress-Coaching, etc) please refer to our “Adults” Tab on the site’s menu.