Scott David

About Scott David, President, iDENTITY iNTELLIGENCE®

Executive Coaching / Leadership Development / Sales and Sales Management / Neurobiology and Neurophysiology / Stress and Anxiety

Scott is passionate and skillful as he lives out his life goal of helping others to break through barriers and reach their maximum potential. He loves helping people excel as they encounter life's biggest problems and he is gifted at recognizing and maximizing opportunities and strengths in people, teams, and systems. Scott has coached well over 7,000 people from all walks of life -- helping them recognize strengths they didn't realize they had, and helping them to excel personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Scott has overcome incredible challenges in his life. For one, Scott wanted to be a physicist, but just after graduating high school, he was in a catastrophic auto accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors gave him two hours to live -- but within 10 months he had learned to walk again. There's no problem too big for Scott. He's been there. He thrives at helping people navigate and conquer their greatest challenges in the workplace, in family, in relationships, and every area of life.

Scott holds a Masters Degree in Leadership, a Masters of Divinity, and has many certifications such as the WorkPlace Big Five Profile, DiSC, Holland Hexagon, Schein's Career Anchors, ACT World of Work Map, Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, and others. He has serviced over 150 universities and companies including fortune 500s. He is an expert in the brain, specifically neurobiology and neurophysiology. He has been involved with many boards including global non-profit and relief organizations such as the Billy Graham Evangelical Organization and organizations specialized in areas such as water purification in Africa.

BA - Humanities / Religion
MACL - Masters in Leadership
MDiv - Masters of Divinity
Barnabus Coach
xSAIL Change Coach
Truth@Work Chapter President
WorkPlace Big 5 Personality Profile
Myers Briggs Personality Assessment
DiSC Communication Tool
Microsoft Office Specialist
Firo Business Assessment
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
Strong Interest Inventory
ACT World of Work Map
Holland Hexagon Career Interests
Schein Career Anchors