QUICKFix Effective Meetings Cost Calculator

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Effective Meetings Cost Calculator 


Often times leaders view meetings as a necessary evi; while there's nothing worse than a bad meeting -- a good meeting can yield great creativity, effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. In fact, effective meetings are one of the most powerful tools in a leader's arsenal. A meeting gives a leader full opportunity to influence culture, values, beliefs, and attitudes.

This simple tool allows you to easily discover the cost of meetings in your team or organization. This excel spreadsheet makes it fast and easy to ascertain the annual meeting cost, the annual productivity cost, and the total annual cost. Once you reach an understanding of just how many resources are being spend on meetings, then you can focus on eliminating bad meeting hours and making meetings more productive.

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This tool comes from our CANVAS Model of Running Effective Meetings which is a part of our Leadership Coaching University Courseware.