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Running Effective Meetings: The C.A.N.V.A.S. Model

Lesson 1 – Meetings as a Management Tool

     Three Primary Purposes for Meetings
     Top 4 Frustrations Of Meeting Attendees
     Factors that Influence Determine Meeting Effectiveness
     Effect of Meetings on Productivity
     Calculating Meeting Salary Cost
     Meeting Communication Elements Chart
     Meeting Effectiveness vs. Meeting Efficiency

Lesson 2 – PLANNING the Meeting

Meetings Step 1 – C.larity
     Fundamental Purpose of Meetings
     Meeting Purpose & Planning Framework Table
     Establish Leadership
     Primary Skills of the Leader
     Rate Your own Meeting Leadership Skills
Meetings Step 2 – A.ttendees
     Choosing the Attendees
     Environmental Considerations: 1) Physiological & 2) Psychological
     Purposes of the Agenda
     Tools for Predefining Expectations

Lesson 3 – CONDUCTING the Meeting

Meetings Step 3 – N.avigation
     Keys to Effectiveness
     Tactics for Managing Discussion

Meetings Step 4 – V.elocity
     Creating, enforcing, & reinforcing the Code of Conduct
     Dealing with Inappropriate Behavior in Meetings
     Facilitation & Presentation Skills
     Dealing with Time and Pace: Methods for Effective Use of Time

Lesson 4 – FOLLOW-UP

Meetings Step 5 – A.ccountability
     Measuring Meeting Success
     Reaching Closure & Sharing Feedback

Meetings Step 6 – S.ynchronization
     Distribute Notes or Confirmation
     As the Leader, Follow-Up after the Meeting
     Ascertaining best practices for following up meetings


     Note Recorder Styles and Recording Formats
     Note Taking Tools

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to use meetings as a management tool
  • Employ the key planning steps that ensure meeting effectiveness
  • Define the intended minimum and optimum outcomes for meetings
  • Apply tools and methods for facilitating efficient and productive meetings
  • Understand how to create participative meeting environments
  • Manage participant behavior as a facilitator
  • Develop accountability & follow through after meetings
  • Develop commitment & specific actions to improve meetings in which you personally participate


The benefits that we are seeking:

  • Elimination of  unnecessary meetings
  • Increased meeting productivity
  • An organizational culture that promotes results based meetings
  • Improved team and organization communication and performance


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  • 20 Participant Manuals (hard copy)
  • 1 Instructor’s Manual (hard copy - complete mirror image of Participant with all blanks filled in)
  • 1 PowerPoint File [non-editable]
  • 1 Hour Phone Coaching (learn how to use the materials)


  • 1 Participant Manual (digital reproducible copy) [non-editable]
  • 1 Instructor’s Manual (digital reproducible copy) [non-editable]
  • 1 PowerPoint File [non-editable]
  • 1 Hour Phone Coaching (learn how to use the materials)


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  • 1 Participant Manual (digital reproducible copy) [editable]
  • 1 Instructor’s Manual (digital reproducible copy) [editable]
  • 1 PowerPoint File [editable]
  • 2 Hours Phone Coaching (learn how to use the materials)