Coaching - Planning: Mission Vision Values

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Mission Vision Values

Before SMART Goals and strategy can be worked out, the mission, vision, and values must be established for both the institution, and the employee(s) alike. The only way to find deep motivation to complete goals and to understand where the gaps reside is to have a bar to hold the goals to. One's values can illuminate gaps where goals either support the values (institutional or individual) or where one's values are not in alignment with one's goals (or the institution's goals and values). Once the lack of alignment comes into clarity, once can begin to ascertain if the gaps are character based (some bad mental models, guardian lies, paralyzing paradigms, or head trash), talents based (individual lacks natural energy and infrastructure to attain value or goal) or skills based (the individual needs learning/training).

Defining what one values, what their preferred vision is, and learning what life mission they desire to attain will supply the necessary motivation to create the vision (the WHY question), plan the strategy (the WHAT and WHEN questions), and execute the tactics (the HOW question).


We have worked with thousands of people around the world helping them to break through ceilings and reach their potential. We have worked with for-profits and non-profits and have extensive experience and success with life-coaching, leadership-coaching, executive-coaching, and management-coaching.

We have tremendous experience in coaching individuals and teams in the areas of leadership and management. In fact, we create corporate "Leadership Universities’ and "Coaching Universities" in companies and take small groups of managers and leaders through customized 2-year programs. We create our own coaching and leadership tools and curriculum. We can help you.


We have coaching, training, and courses that are not listed neither on the website nor in our catalog. Please contact us at

About Leadership Coaching

All of the leadership coaching packages include the following:
- One or Two engagements depending on client’s needs
- Two hours of coaching (via phone or video)
- Robust tools & curriculum
- Recommended Resources

This coaching does not include assessments (e.g. Myers-Briggs, WorkPlace Big 5 Profile, Thomas-Kilman Conflict, xSAIL Transformation, DiSC, 360’s, etc). We do however have these and many other assessments available for purchase.

For other types of coaching (e.g. Life-Coaching, Career-Coaching, Stress-Coaching, etc) please refer to our “Adults” Tab on the site’s menu.