QUICKFix Coach's Toolbox - Values Inventory

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Values Inventory


Your Personal Values Assignment

This inventory begins with an assignment which will help you or your client work through what you truly value in life.

Our Values Drive Our Actions

This section talks about doing vs. being and nature vs. nurture and how these affect your values (and vice versa).

Different Types of Values

In order to truly take inventory of what you value, you must first think through different types of values: institutional vs. personal values; inherited vs. chosen; undesirable vs. desirable values; etc. These different values categories are explained in this inventory.

How To Come Up With Your Values

There is a tool which will help you easily identify what some of your core values are. We can't set SMART Goals (specific, measurable, aligned, reachable, timed) that are out of alignment with our values; if we do we will never reach our goals. Sometimes we value things that can hurt us; these barriers (guardian lies, paralyzing paradigms, ceilings, etc) must be dealt with before we can excel and crash through barriers. Goals should never be set until an initial set of values and self awareness has been achieved.

Organizational Alignment

Share, assess, and learn others’ values in your company, and then articulate the values’ process throughout the entire organization. This is an opportunity to restate the institution’s values, and teach folks how to compare and contrast their values with the company’s. This will help the employees come to know themselves better. Also, as a leader, you will be better able to understand the employees’ passions and needs which can help you to inspire them and link their interests to the company’s activities and values.

500+ Sample Values

This values assessment and inventory contains a list of over 500 values to help you identify which values resonate with you. The values are listed alphabetically and just reading through the list and pondering/feeling how these values resonate with you can be a powerful exercise!

Example of Values

Finally, there is a sample Values Inventory from one of our coaching clients.