QUICKFix Coach's Toolbox - Questionnaire Style Form

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Just as there is always a mental gap between any counselor / counselee, so it is with any leader / subordinate or any coach / coachee. Each has their own worldview, ways of seeing and doing things, and different expectations. These gaps and expectations can make or break the experience, robustness, and realization of success. Our coaching questionnaires put all this to rest and get all the important expectations and information right out on the table.

Coach Interview Questions Template

This tool will give you a significant boost in your mentoring, leading, or coaching engagements. These are very strategic interview questions that will greatly benefit any coaching engagement.

Asking the best possible questions can help a coaching relationship to bloom.

This is a very unique questionnaire which is very simple for the coachee to fill out, and yet uses questions that will yield incredible benefit to the coach.

No two coaching engagements are ever the same. Each coaching relationship in unique. The most effective coaches benefit from using different styles, tools, and approaches at different times and with different clients. This tool will instantly inform the coach if their client would benefit/prefer from coaching that is:

  • Directive or Non-Directive
  • Specific or Holistic
  • Occasional or Regular
  • Or something in between (interview questions are rated on a simple continuum

This is extremely helpful in setting the expectations for the engagements.

For example, let's say the coachee prefers a coaching style that is very Directive (more of a mentoring style; often giving advice and directing the conversation -- but perhaps the coach's natural energy and tendencies are more Non-Directive (asking lots of questions, expecting client to process and come up with their own answers, etc) -- it is very important to set these expectations and understandings as early in the coaching relationship as possible. The client will be less likely to find themselves disappointed; the coach can be more conscientious to flex their style whenever possible.

The interview questions in this coaching form are much different than those in our coaching style form; we send our clients both forms right up front; generally before the first coaching engagement. We consider these coach interview questions to be pre-coaching homework.

Digital Template


The beauty of this coaching questionnaire is the following:

  • It is a digital form file created in excel
  • As the client clicks the multiple choice boxes with their mouse, a tally is kept in hidden rows
  • File is "locked" to make it easy for client (they just tab or mouse through the form and quickly click their responses
  • Password has been removed; we recommend adding your own password so client is unable to unlock
  • Simply email to the coachee, let them fill out, and email back to you
  • All you have to do is unhide rows 39-46 to reveal the secret tally!
  • Excellent source of information for the next engagement
  • Especially helpful for clients that are introspective and /or process persons
  • Great to have a digital record of the client’s hopes, dreams, struggles, etc
  • Gives a point of ROI as the coach can print a copy and review with client toward the middle and end of coaching program to assess growth path
  • Etc.