QUICKFix Coach's Toolbox - Questionnaire Guidance Form

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Just as there is always a mental gap between any counselor / counselee, so it is with any leader / subordinate or any coach / coachee. Each has their own worldview, ways of seeing and doing things, and different expectations. These gaps and expectations can make or break the experience, robustness, and realization of success. Our coaching questionnaires put all this to rest and get all the important expectations and information right out on the table.

Cognitive Coaching Questions Template



This tool gets the coaching or leadership relationship off with a quick jump start and off on the right foot.

Asking the right questions at the right time can make or break the coaching relationship. If leadership is about influencing change in people's values, attitudes, beliefs, and actions — then coaching is about helping the individual to influence THEIR OWN CHANGE.

The way to do this is by asking the best possible questions to reveal their paradigms, worldview, and even unknown barriers to them reaching their potential and breaking through ceilings.

When a coach is able to ask the right questions up front, the coaching or mentoring relationship can be jump-started into a fruitful engagement. Our mental models are powerful, and the sooner the coach and client can become aware of limiting mental models, the sooner break-throughs can occur.

Both the cognitive (mind) and affective (heart/emotive) are powerful gate keepers that can hold us back from soaring… but it begins with the mind as awareness is the first step in influencing the heart.
This template is recommended to be used as a pre-coaching tool whenever possible (send to employee or client before the engagement). This cognitive coaching question tool will provide incredible insight to the coach and the coachee in some of these areas:

  • Planning
  • Life Balance
  • Open to Critical Feedback
  • Keeping commitments
  • Lifetime Learning
  • Etc.

After mentally working through these questions, many clients will already begin to unveil possible barriers they may need to work through.

Digital Template

The beauty of this coaching questionnaire is the following:

  • It is a digital form file
  • File is "locked" to make it easy for client (they just tab or mouse through the form and quickly type their responses
  • Password has been removed; feel free to add your own password so client is unable to unlock
  • Simply email to the coachee, let them fill out, and email back to you
  • Excellent source of information for the next engagement
  • Especially helpful for clients that are introspective and /or process persons
  • Great to have a digital record of the client’s hopes, dreams, struggles, etc
  • Gives a point of ROI as the coach can print a copy and review with client toward the middle and end of coaching program to assess growth path
  • Etc.