QUICKFix Coach's Toolbox - P.I.L.A.R. Leadership Development Plan

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Development Plan for Leadership


This tool helps create the 30,000 view (strategy) for personal or personnel leadership development. For a more detail oriented perspective (tactical) see our Leadership University and Coaching University products and services.

This leadership development tool helps you to easily create a plan of attach that focuses on your team’s and individual’s infrastructure (natural energies and talents).

PILAR Model of Leadership Development Planning

This model is sophisticated in it’s breadth yet simple in execution. In essence, it’s a cheat sheet and quick reference card to help you quickly assess and strategize for any given task, project, individual, or team. Planning the best development path and leadership growth track has never been easier.
P - Plan
I - Incentivize
L - Learn
A - Aid
R - Realize

This leadership model is heavily based on context and flows most naturally from a situational leadership methodology. It is strengths based, and helps you to frame the situation to people’s natural gifting — whenever it is possible to do so.

Character & Competency

For example, imagine that you’re leading or coaching a sales individual who is struggling to succeed. Imagine that, over time, you’ve observed they have the natural energy to be warm, enthusiastic, outgoing, resilient, good at winning others over — and overall they have a strong infrastructure of natural energies to be a high performing sales professional.

Training - without coaching - is entertainment.

So at this point, you may assume that they either have a character issue, or a competency issue. If it is a character issue, then coaching may very well be the answer. But if it’s a simple leadership development issue, then you would plan to utilize the LEARN leadership strategy (the L in P.I.L.A.R.). In fact, the ONLY time that training dollars are well spent, is when the individual has the internal talents and infrastructure — any other time one of the other 4 P.I.L.A.R. strategies would be employed.

Good leadership development is not difficult; when you have a good plan and map to help you assess the strategy and choose tactics can make all the difference in the world.